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Masters of the Wok Every day at every Panda Express, our team of Chefs step up to the line, dial on the flame and harness the power of the wok.


Fire is an essential element of wok cooking. Extreme temperatures, meticulously controlled by skilled hands, yield veggies that are cooked yet snappy and meat that is seared yet tender.
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The rigor in which we train our Chefs is exceptional.
Chef Andy Kao, Executive Chef of Product Innovation


Our Chefs develop an innate sense for the rhythm of the wok. They know just when to toss and catch, assuring that each ingredient is perfectly cooked.
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Our kitchens elevate the tradition of
Chinese wok cooking to an art form.
Andrew Cherng, Founder and Co-CEO of Panda Express


The taste of food that’s been wok-cooked is unmistakable. A complex combination of caramelization and charring, it’s a flavor like no other.
We might make wok cooking look effortless from afar,
but handling an 8 pound wok is intense.
Chef Jimmy Wang, Director of Culinary Innovation

Bringing it all Together

See how the elements of wok mastery come together to deliver our classic Kung Pao Chicken.
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